Home Valuation

We use accredited surveyors who provide our customers with a specialist opinion on their properties worth.
Whether you’re a buyer or a landlord, we ensure you’re making a confident and informed decision based on the knowledge of an expert.

We offer both Home and Lettings Valuations and recommend that a private valuation should be requested whenever you purchase, sell or let a home.

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There are many reasons why you may need a valuation for your property. It might be that you need to sell your existing home to facilitate a move to a new house. Maybe you are thinking about some home improvements and want to see what difference they will make to the value, or it may be a valuation undertaken by the mortgage company to help judge whether they will lend against the property.

Whatever the reason, SDP Real Estates will help you find the worth of your property.

What To Expect

A market valuation is a valuable tool that provides Landlords and Sellers with a professional opinion on the value of their property and what it’s worth on the Market.

When valuing a property an we will take the age, size, condition, local area rates and other factors into consideration.

Following the conclusion of these details, we will then use our local knowledge to source various comparable properties that are similar in structure and have been bought or sold in the same area over the past few months.

Finally, we will conclude an independent assessment on the market value of your property.

Types Of Valuations

There are five methods of property valuation that are recognised globally.

Get a free valuation and find out how much your property could sell or let for.