Tips for Preparing Your Home For Viewings

Want to increase your chances of selling your home?

First impressions are often the only impressions that matter when it comes to selling your home, so it’s essential that you get your home picture ready and appealing to potential buyers.

The best ways to ensure your home makes a good impression are:

Declutter Your Home
Decluttering your home will instantly make your space look bigger, cleaner and is hugely more appealing to prospective buyers when trawling through images of hundreds of homes. It allows buyers to visualise themselves living in your home, with their things all around them, which is ultimately what you want them to be able to do.
Ensure all rooms are fit for purpose
If your home is listed as having four bedrooms, you need to make sure there are four bedrooms for buyers to see and to view, rather than three bedrooms and a study or spare room used for another purpose. They need to be able to see all rooms functioning in the way that they are listed. It all comes back to them being able to visualise themselves living in your home and making the space work for them.

Make sure all repairs have been completed
If you’ve been avoiding repairs or DIY jobs around the home, now is the perfect time to do them, prior to images being taken of the property and definitely prior to viewings. Things like filling cracks and holes, re-grouting or sealing the bathroom and removing limescale from the taps in the kitchen all help towards that all important first impression.

Keep the garden tidy
Your front garden will be the first thing potential buyers will see when viewing the property, so make sure it gives a great first impression by keeping it tidy and looking at its best. More people than you think will do a drive past visit to your home before they ask to view it, if it isn’t looking at its best, they will simply drive away and not arrange that viewing.
Equally, if you have a large, appealing back garden, this could seal the deal for a buyer looking for an impressive outdoor space and it could be the feature that sets your home apart from the rest. So, it’s important to make sure you keep on top of the lawn mowing, trim down overhanging bushes, remove weeds and repair anything that may look run down or be an eyesore.

See Your Home Through Their Eyes
Lastly, ask yourself what you would want to see when you arrive at your home. The majority of buyers will be put off by an untidy, unkempt home and will favour a home that is clean, tidy and in a good state of repair. These small, inexpensive changes will make your home much more appealing to potential buyers.