The Things that Matter Most to Homebuyers

A new study among over a thousand UK homebuyers has assessed the factors that matter most to people when searching for a property, comparing the results to the same survey in 2019.

The new survey found that:

Outdoor space, broadband connectivity and proximity to parks have all become more important factors for homebuyers in the UK today, a new report from Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has found.

Having a garden or outdoor space was cited by 92% of homebuyers as an ‘important’ or ‘very important’ consideration.

Broadband connectivity is now the third most important consideration. In May 2021, 88 per cent said this was a crucial factor when buying a home.

The quality and finish of the interior was fourth on the list, with proximity to public spaces and parks rising six places to number five.

On the other hand, transport links were only cited as important by 67 per cent of buyers in May 2021 – a 13 per cent fall from 2019. Proximity to the nearest town or city has also declined in importance, with 74 per cent selecting this option compared with 87 per cent previously.