Introducing Our Sister Company – Icon Pods

Introducing our Sister company, Icon Pods.

Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, first impressions count and our pods will have you stand out from the crowd.

Every business owner wants to be at the forefront of their industry, and it is more important now than ever to project an environmentally conscious and forward thinking image. Our range of Eco-friendly pods and buildings are perfect to help you achieve just that.

Domestic Use

Our eco-friendly buildings and pods are perfect for the modern leisure market. Mixing stunning design with practicality whilst keeping an eye on the environment, our modern pods are perfect for the growing trend in eco tourists, self-catering accommodation, those who are ‘to posh to pitch’ or even as a beautiful addition to your home.
Our pods combine the growing need for environmentally conscious living with effortless finesse and bespoke designer interiors. There is nothing quite like this on the market. If the first class architectural design and clever use of materials isn’t enough of a reason to purchase our pods, below are a few more reason for you to consider;

Our pods are 100% mobile and they’re designed to adapt to any environment or surrounding. Each pod can be tailor made to your specification including size and interior design. iCON Pods are freestanding and do not need to be fixed to any internal walls or ceilings meaning they can be moved or relocated if and when required. As our pods are considered as ‘loose furniture’ they especially benefit those within the rental community and significantly reduce any ‘removal’ costs.

Eco Friendly
We’re proud that our award-winning pods benefit not only the homeowner but also the environment. Our materials are natural, sustainable and reduce carbon emissions and water use.

Once built we install energy saving lighting that will not just help keep your electric bill down but also benefit the environment.

Our pods are built to last a lifetime and as a proud homeowner we’re sure that at some point you’ll be wanting to give your pod a makeover.  Our pods can be transformed to an office, summer house, gym, play or entertainment room or even a creative studio to name a few.

Commercial Use

iCON Pod director, Ben is motivated by the wide-ranging appeal and the business potential of our iCON Pods. Our increasingly popular pods create great meeting spaces and ‘quiet zones’ within open plan offices or other open areas.

Our pods create a room within a room and are available with a number of features such as; led lighting, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units and air conditioning.

As with our domestic pods, our commercial pods also offer a stylish and exclusive finish. Their striking design and strong environmental ethos make our pods a great place to impress staff and current and potential clients.

A few more reasons as to why you’ll love our commercial pods are;

Our noise cancelling work pods create a space that allows professionals to work in a separate space away from the distraction of their main working environment.  Due to the flexibility and mobility of our pods the dismantling time compared to a conventional room partition is considerably lower.

Our acoustic office screens, wall panels & suspended baffles help block, dampen and diffuse travelling sounds meaning that not only do our pods benefit your business executives but they can be used as a separate break area for your employees. Your tailor made pod will be the perfect chill out area for your team to relax, recharge and enjoy a healthy working environment.

Financial Benefits
The average UK employee spends between £146-£305 per month commuting to work. A garden room can save you time and money, as well as providing you with flexibility to a better work/life balance. If you intend to use your pod as an office, it will save you expensive office rent and business rates, it can in-fact be self financing.

Our pods are multi purpose and will provide your company with easy access work spaces such as small phone and conference booths, mobile work and study pods, large meeting rooms, telesales booths and video conference rooms.